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Application Fees

Once you have viewed a property and have decided that you are interested in taking on the Tenancy Agreement you will need to pay an application fee. The application, or holding fee as it is sometimes called is a set fee of £150.00.  There will also be a charge of £60.00 per applicant for a credit check that is provided by an out of house company. If there is going to be a guarantor, they will also need to pay an application fee of £60.00 plus a further £60.00 for their own credit check.

If for any reason the tenancy agreement does not proceed, either because you decide to withdraw your application or your references are not received within an agreed timescale, all fees will be lost.

If you fail to provide the required references agreed on application or do not give us full details of your circumstances, you may jeopardise your application fee.

If the landlord does not accept you for the Tenancy but you have been completely honest on your application, the application fee will be returned to you in full.

Please note that the application or holding fee is non returnable (unless you are declined as stated above). It does not form part of your dilapidation deposit or any rent in advance.

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