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Group calls for capital gains and energy efficiency reforms (NLA)

The National Landlords Association is making only three demands on the government for its next Budget, because it recognises further reforms may be “an uphill task”.

The NLA – in a lower profile Budget submission than that from the rival Residential Landlords Association – says it continues to oppose the government’s changes to mortgage interest tax relief but admits that with Brexit and national financial issues, the government’s priorities may lie elsewhere. 

“Therefore our budget submission, whilst once again stating our opposition to Section 24, explores practical measures the government could introduce achieve their stated policy aims and to help our members plan for the future” says a statement from the NLA.

It is therefore calling for just three specific proposals:

1, The introduction a Capital Gains Tax cut or taper

2, The extension of business asset rollover relief to allow restructuring of portfolios

3, The reintroduction of the Landlords’ Energy Saving Allowance