Full Management Service - HAS Property Management

Full Management Service

Our full management service covers everything from initially finding a tenant, taking up references and drawing up all legal documents, including an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which will be for an initial fixed term of 6 months. We will collect all rents due. Included in our management service we carry out regular inspection checks and with your consent will deal with day to day minor repairs that may arise, or major repairs on consultation with yourself.

Within our full management service we will:

  • Advertise your property in our town Centre shop window, local press, listings and on our website, all of which are updated regularly
  • Carry out accompanied viewings with prospective tenants once their suitability has been assessed
  • We will obtain 3 references and two forms of identification from each applicant, references will depend on the applicant’s circumstances
  • Once the tenant has been approved we will then draw up a 6 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.
  • On the day the tenant moves in (or before), we will take a deposit of at least one months rent in advance in cleared funds, which we will hold as Stakeholders for the entirety of the tenancy agreement.
  • Throughout the agreement we will collect all rents and account to you on a monthly basis using our computerised accounting system
  • Periodic Inspection Checks will be carried out throughout the agreement and a report will be sent to you in writing advising you of the condition of the property.
  • If at any time you wish to terminate the contract with the current tenant or simply wish to return to your property we shall serve all the relevant notices.
  • With HAS Property Management there are no hidden fees.

If you have any further queries or specific requirements, please contact one of our professional staff who will be happy to discuss your needs.